Blockchain: The Fintech Revolution is Coming…will you survive?
Join us for two day’s of BlockchainConferences in Dublin and Amsterdam!

  • (Dublin, June 7) Dublin’s 1st BlockchainCon Conference
  • (Amsterdam, June 9) Amsterdam BlockchainCon Conference
Beyond the hype of Bitcoin, blockchain technology is becoming an essential tool for financial services start-ups and large corporations. In 2015 and 2016 we had a full house of senior executives, investors and start-ups in London, New York, Hong Kong and San Francisco. Ensure you have an authoritative opinion on Blockchain possibilities in finance. Don’t miss out!
Why attend 
Blockchain is the biggest development in technology that you may never have heard of…and for the financial industry its ramifications will be game changing.
Created originally as an enabling platform for Bitcoin, Blockchain technology – essentially a virtual ledger of transactions, peer shared across vast networks – is incorruptible, fast and direct. Blockchain will have a massive disintermediation affect as it systematically, and cleanly, cuts out the middleman.
If left untapped, as a senior executive in the financial sector, that ‘middleman’ could be you and your organisation.
With Blockchain technology set to explode over the next few years all manner of financial institutions are beginning to set up groups and task forces to assess the risks and possibilities. To harness Blockchain rather than wait to be made irrelevant as applications emerge.
So what is it? How can it be used by your organisation? What will be the functional, operational and regulatory ramifications? What should you consider when collaborating within your industry?
And what should you know now, as a (senior) executive, investor or startup, in order to play an authoritative role in the discussions, debates and decisions to come?
Find out what it means for you and why large financial institutions are getting involved early. Hear directly from the people making it happen.